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San Francisco fun continues here :) (If you want to read the previous post click here)

The Walt Disney Family Museum

I love, I adore Disney, I think it is the greatest thing ever. So when I read there was a museum in San Francisco I HAD to go! At the museum they told you about Walt Disney's family and beginnings. What he did before he created Disney, what he did once he created Disney, how the world took Walt Disney's death and what the future holds for Disney.

Golden Gate

If you leave through the back area of the Museum, you will find a sign that reads Golden Gate - 2km. Me, being obsessed with walking, decided to take on the challenge. I did forget, however, the hills of San Francisco, oh dear. It took me a good two hours to get to the Golden Gate (had a blister on my foot for wearing new shoes) but I made it! I have never been happier to see a bridge! Hahaha! The Golden Gate is truly impressive and well you take a lot of pics of the same thing so I won't bored you with too many pics.

My face when I realize I had no idea how to get back to my hotel...


Right so Chinatown, I dunno what to say about this place, they're always the same: cheap shops for tourist and cool buildings. I did however find a church! Which I thought was the strangest thing as I ran into the shop next to it, I saw books on their window display, and was greeted by everything religious! 

Shopping and random things

One thing that I adored and I had been wanting to do for a very long time was go to a Kate Spade Shop and I DID!! I wen to the Kate Spade Store in Westfield Shopping Center and I got a gorgeous bracelet and matching earrings.

Credit: (Bangle) Zappos Couture // (Earrings) Kate Spade

Every shop and hotel in SF has a thick notebook with the same map, when a lost tourist (like me) shows up they tear away one of the pages and hand it to you, explaining where you need to go. This is an amazingly awesome map! Yup, that's how much I loved this map.

On thing I forgot to mention in the previous post was: CalAcademy is in the middle of a freaking forest!! Probably why it took me FOREVER to find it and probably why when I was leaving I came out the wrong way hahahahaha, but thanks to my wonderful map I manage to find my way and, not only that, I found Green Apple Books, where I got 1 Page AT A TIME by Adam J. Kurtz.

One thing I fail to do was use the cable cars more often. I got a metro passport but I didn't use the cable cars much, I like to walk so I walked and walked and walked which nearly killed my energy at one point so thank you dad for reminding me that I HAD to use the cable cars, it was a fantastic idea.

Final note: on my flight back to Miami (I had a 10 hour layover in Miami), I had WiFi on the plane! It was a glorious moment!

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